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Grooming & Bathing

primping and pampering

A well groomed pet makes the whole family happy. At Holiday Pet Resort & Salon, let our highly experienced and caring grooming staff provide you and your pet with this service that is essential to a healthy and happy pet.

We can provide bathing, nail trims/clipping, flea treatments and much more.

Pamper your pet today and make an appointment.

Call toll free: 1- 800 - 776 - 8498  or  616 - 866- 2294 for an appointment.

Let our highly skilled groomers transform your furry friends into the gorgeous friend you want them to be. Be it a simple bath to a full on grooming, we here at Holiday Pet Resort and Salon can pamper your pets. Ergonomically safe pet lift tables help ensure a happy and safe experience.

We carry nothing but the best in grooming products to bring out the best your pet has to offer. Whether its a simple shampoo to conditioning treatments, we have it all. And if needed we offer flea treatments to rid your furry friend of those litte pests. And yes we do nail trims and we can paint them if requested.


Full service grooming is a very important part of your pets health and wellbeing.

Not without saying that they will be "looking good" and feeling better after their experience.

Nail Trims

Trimming your pets nails is a very important and sometimes very necessary part of their foot health. At Holiday Pet Resort & Salon we can clip or use a dremel tool to keep their nails healthy. And paint them up too. 


Nasty mats in your pets coat can not only be unsightly, but also painful for your pet. Let our experienced grooming staff take care of those unsightly mats, helping your pets comfort and coat remain beautiful.

De - Skunking

Every once in awhile our furry friends tangle with some of natures more "undesirable creatures". At Holiday Pet Resort & Salon, we can remove that nasty odor nature may bestow upon your pet.

Anal expressing

This can be very important to your pets health and wellbeing. If need be, we can express those anal glands keeping your pet happy and healthy.

Ear cleaning

Another very important part of your pets health and happiness. If your pet is constantly pawing at his ears,shaking their head, it could simply mean they need cleaning and or "plucking" of the hair in the ears. We here at Holiday Pet Resort & Salon can handle that too.
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